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Powerful visualization of virtual private clouds (VPC), security groups and network assets

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In-place remediation of security misconfigurations

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Active protection against vulnerabilities and attacks

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Automation framework for compliance and security hardening

Enhanced Security and Compliance for your AWS Cloud

How do you maintain tight security in your AWS environment even as you rapidly scale operations? AWS provides controls for customers to manage the security of their software defined infrastructure and cloud workloads, but it can be complex to implement a consistent level of security as workloads scale.
Dome9 Arc delivers visibility, control and active protection to manage security and compliance for AWS at scale. With security management and orchestration tools built on native AWS security controls, you can actively protect against vulnerabilities, identify theft, and data loss, as well as accidental or unauthorized changes to your security posture.

Powerful Security Visualization with Clarity

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To set up and maintain robust security for your AWS environment, you first need clear visibility into your cloud assets and network security posture. Clarity is a powerful visualization capability in the Dome9 Arc platform. Clarity provides intelligent visibility and situational awareness of network security in an AWS environment.
Clarity lets you visualize the interplay between security policies at every level -- VPCs, security groups, EC2 and RDS instances, Amazon S3 buckets, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), etc - giving you visibility into the effective security posture in an AWS environment. With Clarity, you can analyze VPC Flow Logs to uncover security and operational issues, with enhanced and streamlined auditing capabilities.
Product Brief

Active Protection

As businesses continue to move production workloads and valuable data into AWS, the consequences of security breaches can be catastrophic. In the public cloud, a single vulnerability or lapse in process is all it takes to expose highly sensitive private assets to the world.
Dome9 Arc offers powerful capabilities that provide always-on AWS security enforcement. These tools go beyond monitoring and security assessments and serve as guardrails for your cloud workloads, ensuring that you stay secure without sacrificing agility.
Feature Brief

Compliance and Governance

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Regulatory compliance and IT governance is a top business priority for building customer confidence and trust, and for meeting legal requirements in many industries. Best practices standards such as the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark give AWS customers a framework for hardening their cloud environments. Common data and information security best practices lie at the heart of all standards-based regulations, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2 and CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.
The Compliance Engine of the Dome9 Arc platform delivers automated, comprehensive compliance and governance management for all popular public cloud environments. Businesses can assess their AWS security and compliance posture, identify risks and gaps, fix issues such as overly permissive security group rules and weak password policies, enforce requirements and prove compliance in audits.
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