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That’s right – we said it… and frankly we think it’s about time someone did!

We’re focused on making cloud security simple and dare we say, sexy. And in that light, we’re pleased to unveil something new that we think you’re going to fall in love with: Dome9 Instant Access.

Available today for users of Google Chrome, Dome9 Instant Access gives you time-based secure access via a single button in your browser. Seriously – you just click one button in your browser and that’s it – you’ve got secure access to any individual or group of servers in any cloud. Check it out


Dome9 Instant Access lets you get and give secure access to your users, without any management overhead. It literally takes just a fraction of a second and a single click. Here’s an example:

Imagine you’re an administrator and you have two groups of developers – a Web group and a database group. Well, with Dome9 Instant Access, your Web developers can click their browser’s button to get secure access to the Web servers, and your database administrators can click their button to get secure access to the database servers. Neither group, however, may be able to get access the other team’s machines or change the security policy for any servers. And while each team has secure, instant access to their servers, there’s no added complexity for either the users or you – it’s all done with just the click of a button in their browser. Sexy, right?

There are also a number of other little niceties, like a pop up notification telling you your time-based secure access is about to expire, and even an option to extend the secure access lease on the fly. And because Dome9 never stores your server’s credentials, the convenience of Dome9 Instant Access doesn’t come at the price of security. It’s simple. It’s secure. And it’s sexy.

Dome9 Instant Access for user of Google Chrome is free and is available now in the Chrome Web store. Of course, you’ll need a Dome9 account but that’s free too so if you don’t have one already, sign up – it only takes a minute.

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