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Following our announcement supporting the new HP Cloud as one of a select few security vendors in the HP Cloud Services partner ecosystem, we thought we’d give this brief post on how to secure your HP Cloud Servers with Dome9.

First, for those that aren’t aware, HP Cloud has just launched a public beta, offering a 50% discount during the beta period. Built on OpenStack, the HP Cloud offers a variety of services including compute, storage, CDN, block storage, a relational database for MySQL, and an identity service. If you haven’t already, you should check it out.

Dome9 integrates with HP Cloud via agent or API to make servers virtually invisible to hackers. With Dome9, you can secure your HP Cloud servers with an impenetrable front-line defense and enable fast, secure access on-demand when, for whom, and for only as long as is needed. Learn more about Dome9

Securing your HP Cloud servers is fast and easy. You can start with our API, and when you’re ready, employ the Dome9 Agent for portable security policies. To use Dome9 to secure HP Cloud Servers via API, you simply:

1)  Create a free Dome9 account at
2)  Select Add HP Cloud Region

3)  Complete the form to pair your new Dome9 account with your HP Cloud account

4)  Begin using Dome9 to secure your cloud servers

And that’s it! It’s that easy, and it’s free! Now you can immediately begin using all thefeatures of Dome9, including secure access leasing – to get on-demand, secure access to your servers, account auditing – to report on who’s accessing your servers, and Dome9 Instant Access – to enable ultra-slick, 1-click secure access to any server. So give it a shot and Secure Your Cloud™ servers! Get started now





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