Roy, my co-founder and cousin, and I started the Dome9 journey a little over 8 years ago at a family holiday get together. I was the CEO of a small fantasy betting startup, and he was just finishing up a 5-year run filling several senior R&D positions in a real time video surveillance startup. I shared with Roy an idea I was incubating about server security, and a few days later he called and said the idea sounded interesting and he wanted to explore it a bit.

Dome9’s journey had many ups and downs. We were way too early to the market. We were cloud security pioneers before the term “cloud” came to life. And you know the problem with pioneers? Most of them die trying. We practically died. Twice. But we had a great support system, thanks to which we believed and persevered.

First and foremost we would like to thank our employees that were with us through this rollercoaster of a ride. Excitement, flatlining, growth, crisis, hypergrowth – We experienced it all. We thank those who came and went, realizing we couldn’t always compete with what some highflying startup were offering. We thank those who trusted our promises and shared the enthusiasm. Those who stayed the long nights when a database decided to crash. And we thank those that are with us as we embark on to the next chapter. Thank you!

Our investors deserve their own thank you post, but I’ll just share that our early ones have written off their Dome9 investment, many years ago… they didn’t really believe they’ll even see their money back. Still, all of them have never stopped supporting us and believing in our mission. Even though we had many close calls, were money almost ran out, they joined in to support us and never once used their leverage to try an squeeze us. Thank you!

As you can realize by now, we wouldn’t have gotten here without the support of our customers. When you are struggling as we did, every dollar your customers entrust with you is worth way more. It shows your investors that you can make money, so they chip in more, it pays the bills and it validates our commitment to our customers.  Our focus on enterprise customers (among them some gigantic multinational conglomerates) was key. Monetizing a 6-figure deal became our bread and butter, and when you run a lean operation like we did, this can take you far. I’ll never forget negotiating a deal with the procurement team of a Fortune 50 company hoping they’ll never ask how many employees Dome9 had at the time – had I told them the real number: 8 including the 2 founders and dog, they would surely reconsider the entire deal.  Thank you!

And now Check Point. I joined Check Point 22 years ago as a technical marketing engineer, and so this company became a major part of my life. I’ll never forget the 6 amazing years I spent there. We were so naive, and we ended up dominating the market. I want to thank Check Point for realizing the value in Dome9 and for allowing us this opportunity to join their amazing platform and lead the market for many years to come. Thank you!

Finally, to our families that didn’t see much of us throughout the years. Who sacrificed so much and in so many aspects of life, while being there to support us on the ups and downs of the journey. Only over time we realized how we couldn’t have been there for them as they were dealing with what life has tossed their way. Thank you!