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Enhanced layer of defense to existing public cloud IAM services

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Access restriction of IAM users and roles to contain blast radius

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On-demand, time-based authorization to minimize risk of compromised accounts

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Audited tamper protection from suspicious user activity

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Out-of-band authorizations from a mobile device for added protection

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Balance between seamless access and practical security


IAM Safety offers an additional layer of defense on top of native Identity and Access Management protection where it is needed. IAM Safety gives security teams granular control over users, roles and actions, with privilege elevation on an as-needed basis for protected actions with second-level out-of-band authorization from a mobile device for critical updates. IAM Safety also provides audited tamper protection from suspicious activity.

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We run our business on AWS. As a result, the administrative accounts into our AWS environment control our business. IAM Safety helps me sleep easily knowing that lost credentials and API keys can’t be used to hijack our business

Richard Sutton

VP Engineering, Social Media and Compliance

Key Features


Just-in-Time Authorization

Active protection from cloud control plane and API attacks with limited time authorization for critical actions


Firewall for IAM

A complete view of all IAM users and roles with the ability to strip access to critical actions


Audit Trail

Tamper protection that provides continuous audit and analysis of IAM users and roles for suspicious activity, supplying notification if an unauthorized IAM operation is attempted


Out-of-Band Approval

Just-in-time permission elevation via Android and iOS mobile apps to protect against compromised credentials

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