Email Reports are an integral feature of the Dome9 Continuous Compliance. Our users rely on the summary and detailed Compliance reports to oversee, monitor and remediate compliance and security findings. Once a certain compliance framework (a bundle of compliance rules) is associated with a cloud account, the Dome9 Compliance Engine will continuously run assessments of the cloud account, and generate automatic findings report on cloud assets that do not comply with the rules in the bundle.

There are 3 types of email reports/notifications available in Continuous Compliance:

I. Scheduled Compliance Summary Report

A summary report that provides a Compliance score and a high level (aggregate) view of the passed and failed tests. The results are compared with the previous run of the report to show a trend. The report provides an aggregated score of all accounts as well as breakdown by accounts views.


Note:Compliance Score (‘Score’) calculations were recently updated and this report is based on the updated scoring calculation. To learn more about the updated compliance scores, check out our product update here

II. Scheduled Compliance Detailed Report

Detailed Compliance Report that provides the same information as Compliance Summary

Report report and in addition the following details:

– Failed tests information

– New Findings details (since the last run)  including failed entities info

– Resolved Findings details (since the last run)  including failed entities info


III. Immediate Compliance Detailed Report

Continuous Compliance Configuration Settings:

In order to schedule the required report, all you need to do is create Notification Policy and define the required scope for assessment, including Compliance Framework (bundle) and Account(s).

Please follow the steps listed below:

1. Select Continuous Compliance from the menu


2. Click Manage Notifications on the upper right hand side of your screen


3. Select and existing Notification Policy or create a new one

Stay tuned for further updates!