The Dome9 Menu bar has been reorganized for a better user experience for our customers. The new screen will display differentiated menu options based on our different product areas. We also have added color themes to distinguish each product category.

Take a peek!

Cloud Inventory – This covers your cloud accounts and add new accounts here. Protected Assets view is also moved into this pane.

Compliance and Governance – This covers compliance polices, reports, GSL and Continuous Compliance

Network Security – This covers Clarity, explore Security Groups, Dynamic Access and IP addresses

IAM Safety – This allows you to access our privilege access management solution

Administration – This allows you to adjust your Dome9 account settings, create users and roles, and configure alerts.

On the far right, you will notice a few more updates.

Alerts – consolidates all the alerts from Dome9 into a single screen for better visibility and easier investigation.

Products Updates – Here you can keep up with the latest and greatest news about recent changes and updates on our product.

View Network – Dive right into your network so you can start exploring immediately!

In the last drop down section, you can see more options.

My Settings – This is where you can manage your password, create API keys and manage MFA across your devices.

Menu Position – Moves the menu bar to the left side of the screen.

Help Center – Here you can access the knowledge base, FAQ and browse our documentations.

Service Status – Provides a status report for existing Dome9 systems and any past incidents


This is the first phase of UI facelift! Stay tuned for more enhancements!