On May 25, 2018, the long-awaited EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. The regulation makes organizations responsible to maintain best practices to secure EU data anywhere it resides.

We recently announced a GDPR Readiness bundle in the Dome9 Compliance Engine that offers out-of-the-box assessment and ongoing monitoring for compliance with the security requirements of GDPR. Combined with other capabilities of the Dome9 platform, this will help you prepare to meet the security requirements of the EU regulation.

How Does Dome9 Help with GDPR Compliance?

1. Visibility into all of your Cloud Assets – We provide you the visibility into your cloud assets in order to comply with GDPR
2. Compliance Engine – We present a real-time view of your compliance and security posture for immediate risk mitigation
3. Governance Specification Language (GSL) – Using GSL, we allow your compliance team to write and review any compliance check in seconds without deep technical knowledge – This equates to fewer errors in translating IT governance requirements to policy definitions.
4. Continuous Compliance – Continuous Compliance allows you to continuously run a compliance assessment according to various compliance suites and deliver findings through the most convenient method such as email, SNS notification message or PDF report.

What specifics articles do we check for?

Article 25 – “Data protection by design and by default” with Dome9 Data Access Controls
Article 30 – “Records of processing activities” with Dome9 Logging and Monitoring
Article 32 – “Security of processing” with Dome9 Data Protection and Risk Assessment
Additional Sections of GDPR Dome9 can help with – Articles 5, 12-23, 34, 44, 76

How the mapping of GDPR Articles looks like in Dome9:

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