We now have updated the compliance scores that you see when you run bundles in Dome9.

What’s Changed?

The fundamental change here is that now instead of counting rules, we count tests. Previously, the scoring was binary, either you got a 100% if all entities passed the GSL rule or the score was 0%.  Now, a ‘test’ is a rule performed on a specific (relevant) entity. This means that if a rule was tested against 10 entities of which 5 are relevant and 3 have passed, the result would be

Score = Σ(passed/tested) = ⅗ = 60%

When the users fix 1 entity their score will progress to ⅘ = 80% (in the old scoring it’ll still be 0 as not all entities have passed the test). When we calculate that at a bundle level we’ll do this math for all executed tests in this assessment. (sum of all failed test /  sum of all relevant entities per rule)

Sample Table

How Does It Look in Dome9?


Home Dashboard Update

1. The new score will appear on the dashboards (based on tests)

2. The text in small should remain to be failed entities since the score is calculated based on the entity numbers

3. “Compliance Engine” – change text of the widgets to be “Compliance”

Updated Bundle View

We’ve updated our compliance score calculation. The updated score is based on tests (=rules assessed on a cloud entity), and not rules, as it is done today. Old Score calculation  – even single failure in a test fails the entire rule. 

Example: 10 rules running, each on 10 entities, 2 entities fail for each of the first 5 rules.

Old score: 5 rules passed out of 10 = 50%

New Score: 10 tests failed out of 100 = 90%.

Note that the score changes apply to the exported reports too (export as pdf, csv)

Assessments Page

Result Column was updated with the updated score

Compliance Dashboard

New Score is reflected for each compliance bundle

 For more information please visit the Dome9 Helpcenter